Singapore Cares For Its’ People’s Health

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July 24, 2017

There are a number of countries around the world one can visit or even move to. Of the many things one considers before moving into a new country and starting their life afresh, the health care provided by the government is the among the top priority on the list.

Singapore is a small but highly developed country that is well equipped to serve the needs of its people. Of all the comforts and safety provided to its citizens, the health care is also taken care of well.

So How Does The Government Help?

Here is how the Singapore health care system works:

  • All medical services are charged. Nothing is provided for free. No matter how small it is, what the emergency is or how poor the patient is, everything has a price. This keeps utilization of the services in check. When everything is paid for, people will not try to manipulate the system to fit into the category that can get free health service.
  • The government ensures people have enough money in hand to handle medical emergencies, so that they get the required treatment and does not forego it due to the cost of the eservice. The government has compulsory savings and also cuts the pay of the person, to provide necessary subsidies for health care.
  • There are various insurance schemes to ensure everyone is covered. There are low cost policies and high cost policies like in any other country. one can choose between the government providers and the private health care providers too. The charges will vary accordingly and so will the benefits.
  • There are a number of hospitals with a variety of facilities and services, spread across the country. There are 8 government hospitals and many private hospitals too. These government hospitals were resurrected in the recent times and now come under the care of government owned corporations rather than the government itself. This has improved the facilities and increased the confidence in people’s mind.
  • They even have a hospital for mental health.