Hair Health: How do drugs affect it?

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December 10, 2017

Maintaining hair health is an important part of our routine life. We tend to do many things to maintain our general health. Everything goes well until we face serious health issues and we start doing many remedies once we identify it. Hair has its uniqueness always because we all love our hair more than any other body parts. There are several reasons to induce hair loss like improper diet plans, pollution, nature of water, usage of impure hair cleansers and taking drugs or medicines.

Drug effects on hair:

Do you know that taking drugs can easily affect our hair health? Yes, taking drugs can cause severe health issues and the major effect will be on our hair.

How does it affect?

Excessive intake of drugs can lead to various side effects and one among them is causing damage to the body parts which in turn affects other activities that are associated with the affected organ. It is a known fact that kidney takes care of the scalp hair and any damage caused to it will result in the damage of the hair.

Also drugs affects the phases of hair i.e., the drugs forces the hair to stop its’ growth phase (Anagen phase) and pushes it to reach the Telogen phase too earlier resulting in sever hair loss. Sometimes there will be severe hair loss immediately after taking the drugs that result in hair loss even by stopping the Anagen phase (growth phase) of the hair.

The drugs like Marijuana and Cocaine causes severe hair loss and completely spoils the hair health (More than that I didn’t know drugs affected the hair like this). Also drugs like antibiotics, steroids, pills related with hormone therapies also causes severe damage to hair and results in hair loss. Majority of the drugs has its effects on hair and it is important to be careful while choosing the medicines and drugs.