Dating Is Prohibited In Saudi Arabia But Misyar Marriage Is Ok

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February 24, 2018

It’s a paradox yes but it is better than hypocrisy:

When I first came to know about misyar marriage, I was stupefied. As a woman myself, I could not imagine the kind of torture that a married woman would face when she came face to face with the fact that her husband has married another woman and is also giving the second woman the same rights that she is entitled to alone. Matrimony sites such asزواج مسيار have profiles of people who are interested in a marriage like this.

But again, I looked westward and I got my answers:

In the west, women are as vulnerable as any other place like Saudi Arabia. Women in the west have a mask which tells the world that they are strong and independent and that they are capable of judging people and so they do not mind going around with men outside the wedlock because they think that it is okay because they are strong. But studies reveal that a majority of the women are as much vulnerable to rapes, unwanted pregnancies and later being dumped after the man has had his fill.

But misyar marriage is not like that:

A misyar marriage is a marriage that is secretive alright but it gives the second woman enough rights on her husband as much as the first one; only that the second woman chooses to waive off some of her rights such as right of cohabitation with her new husband for the fear of the first wife coming to know about it or because of societal pressure.

It is like dating but with legal sanctions:

The person can go about thus with another woman apart from his wife but with the legal sanctity of a marriage and the documents in place.

It works in favor of the second woman because she is assured the name of the father in case she is impregnated and also in case of divorce she can claim maintenance for herself and the children. Usually, the brides in the misyar marriage do not change residence but the man may visit her as often as planned.