Cranberry juice helps to pass drug test. There are lot of health benefits of cranberry juice treating urinary tract infection, respiratory disorders, kidney problems, cancer, heart diseases, stomach disorders and diabetes. Cranberry is rich source of antioxidants, vitamin c, and salicylic acid. This juice has supplements like calcium, magnesium, salicylic acid, phosphorous and cranberry juice is classified as acidic drink and pH is between 2.3 and 2.5. According to scientific research, cranberry juice works as natural diuretic, helps to kill bacteria in urine make it alkaline increasing the pH. Drinking cranberry juice can make urine dilute and make you ready for drug test, better you should perform to know whether you are ready to drug test. If you are trying to cheat in drug test by drinking so much of cranberry juice then you will be at risk as professionals will perform adulterant test then if they find change in pH then it will be a red flag and they suspect that you tried to cheat the drug test, and never ever try home remedies like drinking vinegar, bleach, and be sure that urine is not too diluted. I found fake pee for drug tests that works as natural urine with both chemical and visual properties and can pass through the drug test by taking some effort and making mistakes will put you in risk and cause test failure. Cranberry juice in particular amount (1-2 glasses per day) can be really helpful in completing 7- day detox program. And you can also prefer to pass drug test by modifying your lifestyle like doing physical activity, drinking appropriate amount of water, sleep 7-8hrs a day, these simple things help to flush out drug metabolites. On day of test avoid extra exercise and fluids.