Weight gainers have gained a lot of popularity these days. For bodybuilders, the main issue is to build their body by building the muscles to look macho and fit but not fat. The problem with relying fully on a regular diet is that sometimes if you don’t watch the calorie intake, you might be left with weight gain and not muscle gain. If you worry about the calories and cut down your diet, you might miss out all the important nutrients and this would leave you feeling drained. Mass gainer supplements, on the other hand, would meet the calorie needs of your body and they also come with most of the essential nutrients in the right proportions.

But there are so many mass gainers and it can be so confusing to take your pick. Reading the weight gainer reviews on FitBody can help you get a clearer picture. When you are taking weight gainers, however, here are some facts you should not ignore:

  • Do not take beyond prescribed quantity of the mass gainer. Your trainer should be able to help you work out the daily dosages of the mass gainer based on your fitness goals and your current body status. Going beyond the prescribed limits can do more harm than good. You don’t need an overdose of macronutrients every day.
  • Do not skip exercises ever. Unless you are seriously underweight and unless you are advised to consume some of these supplements by your physician for weight management, you should never take these without having an exercise routine in place. Muscle building with the help of the weight gainers can only happen if you are backing up the supplement with the right exercises. You get extra calories and if you don’t burn them and utilize them the right way, it again would leave you with all the negative effects.