The Weighted Vests are an extraordinary tool, simply since it can safely add weight to your body bearing exercises.

  • If used sensibly, they can improve your cardio-vascular strength considerably and push your limits of endurance.
  • Your bones will become denser and stronger to withstand the additional weight. Working with the extra weight allows your body to be tested like never.
  • Weighted vests are ideal for athletes who use power to play their games- football, weightlifters, volleyball players. This does not mean that people who love cardio will not have a use for it. Doing cardio with a weighted vest increases the benefits multiple times.
  • You should gradually increase the load so that you do not expose yourself to injuries. Start with 10% of your body weight and increase gradually as you get used to it.
  • Always remember that you should be able to do an exercise completely and confidently before trying to do it with a vest. Do not attempt it until and unless you have attempted/mastered it earlier without the vest.


Weight vests are specifically designed to hold different weights. They can hold a significant amount of weight and some are designed for higher weight specifications. Some hardcore vests can hold up to 100 pounds and even more. These are some of the heaviest weight vest around and used specifically by wrestlers to train for the world championships.

Comfort wise the vests are far better and convenient to use than any other forms of weight-bearing exercises. Since the weight is on the torso, the weight is balanced and allows you to train without interference.

For bodybuilding and muscle building, weighted vests provide the ultimate challenge. The resistance and weight improve your performance even if you are into cardio heavy exercises like running, sprinting. Weighted vests are great for those who are at the intermediate level of exercising and looking for something to intensify their workouts.