Addiction can be called as a chronic disease which is difficult to control. Addiction not only is difficult to control but it has a bad consequence on the body. The drug addiction must be stopped at the beginning stages. When a person starts taking it repeatedly, it becomes difficult for him to come out of it.

Do you know what happens when a person is into drugs? Do you know what makes him or her a drug addict? When a person takes the drug, it affects the reward center of the brain. Reward center of the brain is the one that controls the ability of the body to feel the pleasure. When this part of the brain stimulates more, it makes one repeat the behavior again and again.

This is what happens when a person takes drugs. The drugs make the reward center of the brain to stimulate more and it tempts the person to take more drugs again and again. When a person takes the drug for the first time, the level of dopamine released increases and the person gets immense pleasure from it. When this level of dopamine is not achieved in other activities in which he enjoyed earlier, the person tends to take the drug again and again. As he starts taking drugs again and again, the brain gets adjusted to the excess dopamine.

You may not want your friend or employee to get into this addictive habit. There are certain drug tests available to test whether one has taken drugs in the last 48 hours.  Whether it’s your friend or your employee, if you doubt a person for taking drugs, make them take the test. You might have heard many people saying “My drug test was quick and accurate.” Yes, there are saliva drug tests which provide an accurate result in few minutes.

Let them take the test and help them to come out of their addiction.