Knee injuries are a common orthopaedic problem. At the first sight of a knee injury, you need to apply cold treatment and rest your legs in an elevated position. However, seek medical help if you:

  1. Heard a sound at the time of the injury
  2. Suffer from severe pain
  3. Cannot move the knee and start limping
  4. Notice a swelling at the injury location

Based on which part of the knee structure is affected, injuries are classified into different types.

  1. Knee Strains – This occurs due to stretching of the muscles around the knee leading to pain outside the knee joint. Based on the extent of tear, they can be of three types:
    1. Ligament is stretched but there is no tear only pain
    2. Ligament is expanded and there is partial tear
    3. Ligament is stretched and fibbers are torn completely resulting in an unstable knee
  2. Fractures – Fractures are caused cause of the severe-jolt of trauma around the knee. The most common type of knee fracture is the patella fracture, named after the bone broken around the knee. Other knee wounds include distal femur fracture of the thighbone and the proximal tibia fracture of the shinbone.
  3. Knee Bursitis – This arises when the bursa (a fluid-filled pouch located around the joints) is blistered or tainted.
  4. Meniscus Tear – This arises due to damage of the knee interiors.
  5. Dislocation – Knee junction displacement happens due to high-impact injuries of the knee. It calls for an emergency treatment, sometimes requiring surgery. Types of knee dislocation are:
    1. Anterior
    2. Posterior
    3. Medial
    4. Lateral
    5. Rotary
  6. Overuse Injuries – These include the patellofemoral pain syndrome otherwise known as the runner’s knee and the chondromalacia patella which occur cause of to an collection of constant injury to the knee frame.

Knee injuries can be treated in many ways. Nonsurgical treatments include immobilization, physical therapy or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. Severe cases of injury will require surgical treatment. Nowadays, there are many comfortable knee brace that will help you recover quickly. These come in different forms such as the hinged, compression or sleeves, wraparounds, bands or straps and custom knee braces.